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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Women and Image
The women are the most affected when it comes to image matters.When a man walks with a woman he's bound to notice that she will tell him things about the surrouding environment that he will most likely miss.

This is usually a part of women who are usually very quick to notice the objects around them.The thing is that they don't stop at noticing only but go ahead to evaluate it.These are the very matters that affects a woman's decision to either give to a man's request for a relationship or not.

Many women usually notice and plan for the specific men they want even before the man recognizes them.Their decisions are made according to the image they generate in their minds regarding how they view the relationship in some years to come.

This tendency never fades away in life.They will go ahead and try to make the man fit into the image they set for the relationship.Trouble usually comes when the man is unwilling to conform ton the changes.(Many women usually reckon that the men they get usually need to be fixed up to fit into their image of 'Mr. perfect'.)

Friday, August 04, 2006

Role of Image in Relationships

I'd describe image as the picture which someone creates for him/herself in life regarding the various aspects of life.

This image eventually dictates how that specific person will react to his/her environment,how they will relate to other people.

People will always choose whom to relate to according to the mindset they have at that particular time.That's the very reason why things like segregation and discrimination exist.

Image is usually groomed right from childhood.It changes through the cycle that is life and depending on a person's flexibility.Someone can acquire an image from the latest fads or the "In thing". It can be changed and remodelled to serve a good purpose.

Image is generated by the part of us which is responsible for imaginative thoughts.This is one particular area that has been responsible for human development,and is an area that has to be well taken care of otherwise it can also cause alot of destruction in life as well as has happened before.

I will be talking more about relationships and image.In the world,it seems the most overlooked factor is image.I believe Image is what makes the world go round!!

Monday, July 10, 2006

Workmates Cheating....

I would like to think of two people who have just gotten to be workmates at an equal level,such that none of them has an authoritative advantage over the other.The first days are usually filled with plenty of tension,mostly regarding how someone intends to handle the other.

Eventually as the tensions ease and the two have learnt how to handle each other,they eventually get to the next level,scrutinising each other's individual merits.At this point,there's a high likelihood that dating will be the very next step in the sequence.

If the two are married,then it would take very strong principles from any of them,to keep them faithful to their spouses.

The crux of the matter is that;they spend only the evenings and early mornings with their spouses,while they spend the rest of the day with the workmate.They soon start seeing aspects of the workmate that they wish their spouses had.

They will develop a liking and eventually strong feelings for each other......Cheating is the name of the game..

This may be helped by the people involved trying all means to alert their spouses,regarding what they'd like them to do....Usually it's just more communication they want from their spouses.This helps alot.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Women Bosses at the Workplace

Well,the other day i was looking at the workplace situation with the man as the boss.So i'd like to focus on the woman as the boss today.

When there's such a scenario,there's usually a high chance that the lady will be involved in an affair with the man who is her subordinate.Several reasons could lead to that.

First:If the lady keeps sighting the man in question with some ladies,she will usuall tend to start having a reaction whereby she'll hate them and want to0 compete with them at the same time.

To her,she will be able to show her power to the man's ladies by "snatching" him from them.This act also boosts her self esteem.

The other situation that may lead to an affair at the workplace will be constant contact.Ladies are very sensitive,and when a lady is working with a man,spending more hours with him than she does with her husband,boyfriend...she will normally tend to start developing a soft spot for him.

This situation is heightened by the fact that the man receives orders from her and is seemingly harmless as compared to the husband at home who rules.The lady gradually develops a liking for the man,and a relationship blossoms there.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Workplace Relationships

Well,this would be with regard to intimate affairs at the workplace people end up conducting side affairs at their workplaces even when they have a good spouse at home waiting on them at the end of the day.

Today I'll look at what instances these affairs are conducted ,beginning with the man as a boss at the workplace.

When a man is a boss to a lady,the possibility of an affair with her lies in the fact that he has the say over her welfare and she will give in to his demands only to keep her job.

The man who tries to maintain a professional worklife will get his lady colleagues wanting to get on with him,and he'll have to be a very strong person to refuse any of those advances though,the man gives in just because he doesn't want the lady to think less of him....Let's say,sometimes it's just to show the woman that he is man enough.Usually he will keep off the lady after the whole episode.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Long Distance Relationships

Who can manage it?Well,I'd only say that it depends on how someone has set the mind to bear with all the suspense involved in this

Generally,men would fare better than women if they are busy enough wherever they are,such that the work they are involved in saps up so much of their time they don't get the time to get some substitute women as they "Faithfully" wait for the lady.

For the case of women,they just can't easily cope with all that's demanded by it.Generally,women naturally have a desire to always be close to the one they love.If they cannot see the person they love,then they relationship needs to be bonded by constant touch,and not just mail,but telephone will nearly do it.

Woe unto the man who cannot keep in constant touch with a lady especially when it's just a dating type of relationship.Many men will confess to having lost women unintentionally just by relaxing on the communication.

What registers in the woman's mind is that,"if you can't search for me,you are probably not interested".Funny thing is that most busy men may not always get the time to communicate to the lady.The danger here is when someone else can offer her the warmth that she misses from her man.The end result is a game called cheating.

The main thing at the back of the lady's mind is "Does he really care for me anymore?".The care is shown in communication

Friday, June 16, 2006

Honesty As a Relationship Pillar

Honesty,so what is it?I'd say it's just a virtue we hold onto as people inorder not to hurt other people,i'd think that the opposite of it would result into a liar and a cheat.

Honesty in relationships has its place of necessity.Honesty in relationships will often involve expression of one's feelings about an aspect of a given relationship.More of confession is in it.

The first real case of honesty in a relationship,is at the point of expression of interest in each other.There's usually a frankness people share with each other,when they are just starting to date.The expression of these feelings is good for bonding in a relationship.

However,honesty may eventually take a backseat as the relationship progresses,especially at points where someone has noticed qualities they dislike in their date or spouse.

Instead of expressing what they feel in whatever form it may take,they instead decide to bottle up these facts in them.This act eventually kills the relationship slowly.Acts like women faking orgasms,hiding one's disgust about something offensive in the partner will eventually ruin the relationship.

Honesty in relationship terms,involves coming to terms with the situation one is in and getting a good solution for it.The moment someone keeps every worry to themselves,then other issues start developing:Deepening resentment,mistrust.. and eventually squabbles with the other person.

It would be good to have a good platform for interaction in a relationship.It would provide a good ground to empty all concerns and i an honest way,so that they do not pile up into major issues.